If your air conditioner is working properly as it should, there will be no need to blow hot and cold as the case may be taking into account what time of the year it is. If the air conditioning unit or installation has been sufficiently serviced by air conditioning specialists or technicians working for specialist companies like https://www.dayandnightair.com/ then surely there will be more than enough warm air during those bitterly cold months.

And more than enough of a cool breeze during those steaming hot summer months.   

And by the way, it is no longer feasible, nor is it even necessary, for your indoor-use air-conditioning units to be on 24 hours a day. It did not even need new technologies to do the environment a huge favor. All it took was a bit of common sense. And of course, some massaging of the human conscience. Because it turns out that 24/7 circulation of indoor air, pulling in outdoor air as well, runs counter (clockwise) to producing the required clean air.

You actually end up just regurgitating old, dirty air which by now is heavily polluted. And that is also what causes people to get sick so quickly these days. And of course, by now you should have picked up that this excessive use would have been bad for the environment. It’s bad for your energy bill too, by the way. So perhaps before you switch your old AC off, you might just want to give the AC technicians a quick call.

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Let them first do the maintenance check and then take matters further from there. If you’ve had an air-conditioner for this long, you should expect two things by now. Extensive repairs. Or a new system altogether.