golf course operations

Golf is one of the oldest sports known. It has been played for quite a few centuries already. Of course, golf just also happens to be one of the most popular sports in the country these days. Still today, even with the pandemic, men and women are heading off to the greens to go play a round of golf over the weekend. All is not lost and it is only lightning that will keep them away.

But still, in times like these, at least the smaller clubs around the country need every encouragement from professionally-run golf course operations to haul back the more sceptical and cautious amongst their declining membership rosters, along with their guests, back to the greens, and help keep the clubs viable.

Who knows how many operations have already shut its doors, and surely the rot must be put to a stop. Nevertheless, even during saner times, such golfing expertise remains invaluable to the smaller clubs out there. For one thing, they will all be vying for the attention of weekend golfers. They need to make their smaller greens more attractive. Honestly, it costs money to run a golfing club, even if it is to retain its amateur status for the foreseeable future.

There are the greens that need to be curated on a daily basis. And let’s not forget that there is still a clubhouse to administer. And not only that, especially in today’s times, someone of note needs to supervise the cloakrooms and public restrooms. It needs to remain clean at all times. And it needs to be sanitised. Fully. At all times. Small clubs may also be quite nervous about hiking their club membership fees, something they may have no choice to do, for fear of losing members.